Welcome to the Golden Meadow Community resource page.

On July 12, 2023, approximately 60 Golden Meadow residents met in our local park to discuss concerns over recent break-ins and car thefts in our general community which has approximately 220 homes.

There have been six incidents in the week leading up to July 12, occuring between midnight and 4am. Although the police have been informed, there is little they can do currently.


After much discussion, sharing of recent incidents and brainstorming has led to the following solutions.

  1. Hiring HARP Security to patrol our streets in a focused attempt to deter thieves for the next few months. HARP has demonstrated success in south Oakville.
  2. Engage with local politicians. If you've been impacted by a theft, please fill out the data collection form below.

Action Items

Please fill out the forms below as this will help improve the safety and security of our community.